Borell: I Have Never Seen a Billboard in Belgrade Saying Thank You to EU

The European Union has to increase its capacity to explain its stabilizing role in the Western Balkans, EU High Representative Josep Borell said on Monday.

“We have to strengthen our capacity to explain our stabilizing role in the Western Balkans and also our will to cooperate to overcome one of the most difficult issues, the lack of a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina,” Borell said during a conference call meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“The Balkans will not be a stable zone without having a clear European perspective”, he said.

Borell also commented on the coronavirus crisis and its consequences regarding future cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan countries.

“The perspective is much better today than some weeks ago,” he stated.

Speaking about EU aid to Serbia, Borell said: “If you look on the streets of Belgrade you see billboards with pictures of President Xi of China saying ‘Thanks Brother Xi’ which is very funny because I have never seen a billboard saying thank you EU for the help you provided and we have been providing a lot of help for Serbia and the rest of the Western Balkans”, TV N1 reported.

“Sometimes the help we are providing and effort we are doing is not taken into consideration and the help that China has been provided is being put on the streets as if it is more important than what the EU has provided before and during the crisis,” he added.