Doubts Expressed in the Maldives that Kosovo Bought Recognition for Two Million Dollars

A motion calling upon the Parliament of Maldives to investigate the allegations about corruption in recognition of Kosovo by the Maldives has been submitted to the Parliament of this country.

The motion was submitted on Monday by Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla, a Maldives MP, Maldives news agency AVAS reports.

Former Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed is alleged to have accepted a bribe of two million American dollars to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign nation after it declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. While the Former Minister was probed following the allegations, the police concluded that there was no evidence of corruption and that the diplomatic process was conducted in accordance with international standards.

The motion submitted on Monday stated that the legality of Kosovo’s independence has been disputed since Kosovo declared unilateral independence from Serbia in February 2008. While Maldives’ closest neighbors Sri Lanka and India have not recognized Kosovo’s independence, the archipelago’s longtime trade partner China has also rejected Kosovo’s proclaimed independence said the motion.

The motion called to review the Maldives’ recognition of the Kosovan independence and called to ensure the decision was made by the government in accordance with international standards.