DP Chair Basha: No political steps and solutions are possible without vote-thieves facing justice

Democratic Party (DP) Chair Lulzim Basha issued a press statement on Thursday, saying there would be no normalization of the situation in Albania as long as those he called vote thieves were not brought to justice. “There will be no political steps and no political solutions without the prior foundation of the punishment of those who stole votes.

There will be no agreement if those who stole votes are not punished,” Basha said, adding that the “criminal cupola” would face justice for all the crimes committed against Albanians and that whoever did not understand this was naïve. The DP Chair also commented on Interior Minister Sandër Lleshaj, saying he was “Rama’s coldest and soulless weapon to provoke fratricide.”

“Very soon, he will be held responsible for the poisoning, violation, and persecution he has caused Albanians in order to protect Edi Rama. Police directors like Ardi Veliu, Roland Hysaj, and the likes will also be in prison soon. One of you will occupy the cell Bardh Spahia is in today,” Basha said. He added that the intercepted phone calls published by German newspaper Bild had proved the vote-bargaining scheme and method employed by the ruling majority in co-operation with drug and human traffickers.

“This crime-Rebirth alliance has used every mechanism to steal votes. They have threatened their opponents and violated those who would not vote their candidates,” Basha said, adding the Bild publications also proved that the state administration had been used for the same purposes.

The DP Chair also called on citizens to participate in the opposition-led protest planned for today at 20:00hrs in Tirana. Regarding the protest, Basha said in a televised interview in the evening that it would be peaceful and that all measures would be taken to ensure no citizen or police officer would be threatened. “I will attend the protest in the company of my wife and daughters,” the DP Chair said.