Gun attack on the Azeri embassy in Iran, one victim and two injured

Gun attack on the Azeri embassy in Iran, one victim and two injured

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan announced that an armed attack was carried out on the Azeri embassy in the capital of Iran, Tehran, where the chief of security was killed. In the official statement from this department, it is reported that at around 08:30 in the morning, an armed attack was carried out on the embassy of Azerbaijan in Tehran. The statement states that the attacker, who opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, killed the security chief of the diplomatic headquarters and wounded two guards.

It is noted that the investigation into the attack is ongoing and additional information about the details will be released to the public. The commander of the Tehran Police, Hossein Rahimi announced that the aggressor was caught, who carried out the armed attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran. According to the Fars news agency, Rahimi provided information about the armed attack that took place in Tehran this morning.

"The person committed an armed attack during the entry of the staff of the Embassy of Azerbaijan into the embassy, ​​causing one death and two injuries."

Also, Rahimi informed that "the attacker entered the building with two small children".

"According to the first information, it was established that he organized the attack because of personal and family problems."

Tehran Police Commander Hossein Rahimi has not provided information on the identity of the attacker. Meanwhile, the president of Azerbaijan, İlham Aliyev, said that "the terrorist attack on diplomatic missions is unacceptable" and demanded that the terrorist attack on his country's embassy in Tehran be investigated as soon as possible.

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