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Biden: No ceasefire agreement is expected in Gaza in the near future

Biden: No ceasefire agreement is expected in Gaza in the near future

United States President Joe Biden said Thursday that he does not expect a ceasefire deal to be reached in the war in Gaza in the near future, after a proposal backed by the US and others has not been fully accepted by Israel or Hamas. , the Palestinian group declared a terrorist organization by the US and the European Union.

Biden said that international leaders have discussed the ceasefire at the G7 summit in Italy, but when asked by reporters if a ceasefire agreement will be reached soon, he simply replied "no". "I have not lost hope", he added. Earlier on Thursday, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan rejected claims that Israel is not fully committed to the ceasefire plan. "Israel has given this proposal. It has been sitting on the table for a long time. Israel has not opposed it and has not turned it back," Sullivan said.

Hamas has responded to the plan with demands for changes, and Sullivan said the goal is to "figure out how to work to bridge the remaining gaps and reach an agreement." Hamas says the changes sought are aimed at guaranteeing a permanent ceasefire and the full withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza. The cease-fire proposal announced by Biden includes these provisions. The United Nations Security Council on Monday approved a resolution to support the United States' proposal, with 14 votes in favor and none against. Russia abstained.


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