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Hungary decides to approve the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO, only one country "holds them hostage"

Hungary decides to approve the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO, only

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced yesterday that the Parliament will approve the admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO next year.

"As we have already informed Sweden and Finland, Hungary supports the membership of these two countries in NATO. It will be on the agenda of the first session of the parliament next year," Orbán told reporters after meeting with regional counterparts in Slovakia.

The first session of parliament next year is scheduled to begin in February. All 30 NATO members except Hungary and Turkey have ratified the accession of Sweden and Finland, which renounced decades of military non-commitment to join NATO after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

New members of the NATO alliance require unanimous approval. Hungary's ruling party has repeatedly refused to schedule a parliamentary vote on the issue, although the government insists it supports the two Nordic countries' admission to NATO.

Hungary, a member of the EU, is in talks with Brussels to unlock billions of euros from EU funds. The latter has blocked them due to concerns related to corruption.

The Hungarian opposition has accused Orban's party of dragging its feet by refusing to put the issue on the parliament's agenda for a vote. The Socialist Party has called it "incomprehensible and unjustified", while the Momentum party has accused the government of "blackmailing" the European Union.

Source: Euroactiv 

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