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Here is which country records the highest temperature

Here is which country records the highest temperature

Brazil has recorded its highest ever temperature of 44.8 degrees Celsius, while parts of the country are facing a sweltering heat wave.

The record was set on Sunday in the city of Araçuaí, in Brazil's southeastern state of Minas Gerais, officials said. The unprecedented heat has been attributed to the El Niño phenomenon and climate change. Forecasters have said some of the heat is likely to ease this week.

Officials from the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) said only three state capitals would see temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius, the BBC reports .

The heat has triggered red alerts across the country. Energy consumption in Brazil has risen to record levels as people struggle to stay cool.

According to scientists, heat waves are becoming longer and more intense in many countries, and this is expected to continue as humans continue to emit greenhouse gases that warm the planet.

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