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British Prime Minister calls for "bolder" action from the West against Russia

British Prime Minister calls for "bolder" action from the West against

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the West needs to be "bolder" in supporting Ukraine, providing the country with more weapons, drones and long-range munitions to fend off a Russian military advance.

"Putin's Russia continues to pose the greatest global security threat we face today," Sunak wrote in an op-ed for Britain's The Sunday Times on the two-year anniversary of the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine.

"This war raises a fundamental question about whether the West is willing to do what it takes to protect freedom and security in Europe and beyond."

Sunak said his country and its Western democratic allies should not give in to growing pessimism about Kiev's ability to defeat Moscow. He said it was up to Ukraine's partners to face the "difficult" situation on the battlefield, but also to change it.

"It seems that it has become fashionable to proclaim that Ukraine is somehow destined to lose. But that is simply wrong," Sunak said.

"We have to be realistic, yes. But we must never countenance defeatism that only serves [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's goals."

Sunak also used the same word - "bolder" - in calling for the West to increase its seizure of Russian assets.

"That starts with taking the billions in interest that these assets are collecting and sending them to Ukraine instead," he added.

On Saturday, G7 leaders said they remained committed to supporting Ukraine for "as long as it takes".


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