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Taiwan's Defense Minister: We are not seeking war with China

Taiwan's Defense Minister: We are not seeking war with China

Taiwan is not seeking war with Beijing and its policy is to build a multi-layered preemptive defense capability to make it more difficult for China to invade the island, Taiwan's Defense Minister Wellington Koo said.

Democratically governed Taiwan, which China views as its territory, has faced an increased campaign of military and political pressure from Beijing to accept sovereignty claims that the government in Taipei rejects.

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te said on Sunday that China sees the annexation and "elimination" of Taiwan as its great national cause, telling Taiwanese military cadets not to give in to the defeatism of "the first battle is the last battle ”, a theory. that Taiwan could collapse once China launched an attack.

Asked in parliament by reporters how long Taiwan could last without US support in the event of a Chinese attack, Koo said that was not the point of their strategy.

"It is not a matter of how long we can last. Our strategy, our hypothesis, is an asymmetric war to build our multi-domain deterrence and in the process to weaken" China's ability to invade, he said.


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