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The West promises to allocate another 1.5 billion euros for Ukraine

The West promises to allocate another 1.5 billion euros for Ukraine

Western countries have pledged to allocate more than 1.5 billion euros to boost Ukraine's capabilities in the face of Russia's war.

This amount was promised by 26 countries, which were represented by the Ministers of Defense, at a conference held in Copenhagen.

"All the representatives of the countries that have come to Copenhagen have come with the aim of supporting Ukraine", said the Minister of Defense of Denmark, Morten Bodskov.

The money will be used to buy weapons, missiles and ammunition, including increasing arms production for Ukraine.

A part will also be allocated for the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ministers of Defense of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have expressed readiness to expand the production of artillery systems, ammunition and other military equipment in Ukraine, the Danish minister said.

Britain has pledged an additional 300 million euros, including high-precision missile systems that can hit targets at a distance of 80 kilometers.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said the donations are evidence of the opposite of what Russian President Vladimir Putin may have thought - that Western governments would tire of the conflict.

Wallace has said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has "started to fail in many respects".

Ukraine has repeatedly called on the West to send more weapons, including long-range artillery.

Moscow, on the other hand, has accused Western countries of getting involved in the conflict by sending more weapons to Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

He calls the war a "special military operation" to demilitarize Ukraine.

The West has responded to Russia, hitting the economy of this country with harsh sanctions./ REL.

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