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Morning Mail / 2 lines: What mattered to the world yesterday

Morning Mail / 2 lines: What mattered to the world yesterday

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. Citing new data, Pfizer thinks booster vaccines are needed, but whether they will be widely needed is not yet known.

Fully vaccinated travelers from the US and most of the EU will be allowed to enter England and Scotland without quarantine starting Monday.

■ The US will send nearly 10 million doses of the vaccine to Nigeria and South Africa, two of Africa's most populous nations.

. Vaccine meetings have been difficult to set up in South Korea, where some users of an overloaded system were told they would have to wait more than 100 hours.

. Google said it would require employees to be vaccinated and postponed the date of return to the office.

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. The Cuban government is hitting a few weeks after thousands of people joined the rare public protests. Many of the demonstrators have been arrested.

■ Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's top leader, raised new doubts on Wednesday in the stalled effort to revive the country's 2015 nuclear pact with major powers. Khamenei accused the US of duplication and condemned the outgoing president of Iran, one of the architects of the deal, as naive.

. Heavy rains and floods in Bangladesh have left thousands of Rohingya refugees homeless again. At least 11 people have died.

. Beijing is stepping up talks with the Taliban and the Afghan government after senior Chinese officials criticized the withdrawal of US troops as hasty.

■ Scientists reported two red rocks of space found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to appear to have originated beyond Neptune. The discoveries could provide evidence of the chaos that existed in the early solar system.

. A Syrian doctor accused of torturing opponents of President Bashar al-Assad a decade ago was indicted in Germany on charges of crimes against humanity.

. Hopes of finding someone who survived an explosion at a garbage factory in Leverkusen, Germany, is fading, officials say. Residents have been warned to avoid soot that has fallen like rain after the blast on Tuesday.

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