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President Biden, protection of persons without documents married to American citizens

President Biden, protection of persons without documents married to American

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that his administration will provide protection for some categories of immigrants without documents married to American citizens. As the correspondent for VOA notifies Anita Powell, this proposal comes on the 12th anniversary of the previous DACA program, offering legal status to undocumented immigrants who have been brought into minor age in the United States.

For a day to be found inside the most famous house in America, the White House, was an unattainable dream for Javier Quiroz Castro. He was brought to America at the age of three by his undocumented parents from Mexico.

But on Tuesday, he was at the White House, far from the Hjuston hospital where he works as a nurse. Mr Castro says this was made possible by the DACA program to legalize undocumented immigrants who have been brought to adulthood in the United States.

“Employment of immigrant lives became possible only by the DACA program. It enabled me to live and create families in the only place I have known and loved ”, said Mr. Castro.

On Tuesday, U.S. President Joe Biden announced a new move to provide protection to immigrants without documents that have been married to U.S. citizens. According to the White House, the new proposal could help about 500 thousand people.

“These couples have created families, sent children to churches and schools, paid taxes, contributed to our country for 10 years or more. They have lived in the United States all this time, with fear and insecurity. We can fix that. And I'm doing this today ”, said President Biden.

But immigration is a delicate topic this election year, and over the past 20 years, illegal crossings on the southern border have been high.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has accused President Biden of what he calls “ an immigrant invasion ”. Former President Trump blames immigrants for a range of illegal actions, including criminal acts, as well as inflation and even for diseases and terrorism, often without providing clear evidence and sometimes in contradiction with the facts.

“About 50% of inflation is estimated to have been caused by rising housing costs, which has reached its peak due to the wave of illegal immigration of Joe Biden and high interest rates ”, said former President Trump.

Immigrant rights activists are not a dakort and say studies show that those who will benefit from this program contribute each year to the US economy about $ 13 billion in power their purchasing.

“ We estimate that if American citizens were to continue, they could increase their contribution to about $ 5 billion a year. With the kind of legitimate status that would be offered through this policy, they would be allowed to start careers that have been denied so far. They will also be more productive for our economy, thus helping their families, but also our society as a whole ”, says Phillip Connor, of the bipartisan organization for the rights of FWD.us immigrants.

Rebecca Shi, executive director of the American Business Immigration Coalition, says her mother has been without documents for nearly two decades.

“It was a doctor in China, but for 19 years it was without documents here. She worked in Chinese restaurants, worked in azile for the elderly, taking care of their hygiene, but without being able to practice her profession. And when he managed to legalize and get the green card, he returned to the field of medicine. This has been very enthusiastic and greatly improved the quality of her life. So when people who have been here for decades and who have already contributed are deprived of their economic potential. And that's a good thing for any American ”, says Mrs. Shi.

And for Americans like Javier Quiroz Castro, that makes even more sense: a warm hug from the place he calls the homeland./VOA

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