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Protests against antiCovid measures, demonstrators break into EU offices in Brussels

Protests against antiCovid measures, demonstrators break into EU offices in

Protests in Brussels against coronavirus restrictions turned violent on Sunday after protesters clashed with police officers and vandalized the offices of the European External Action Service, the EU diplomatic arm.

Politico reports that demonstrators took to the streets to oppose the anticovid measures. At least 50,000 people filled the streets of Brussels. Police used with Lotjsell gas demonstrators and water balls to clean up the area.

Protesters hurled metal fences and a burnt dust bin at police at the entrance to a subway station. Hooded and masked demonstrators smashed the outer glass of the EEAS office while police were inside.

"The side entrance was vandalized," a Commission spokesman said, adding that no one was in danger. Senior diplomat Josep Borrell visited the offices to inspect the damage and posted on Twitter condemning "destruction and senseless violence."

Police said Sunday night that three officers and 12 protesters were taken to hospital, but none with life-threatening injuries. About 70 people were arrested, they added.

Protesters have regularly staged demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions in the Belgian capital since last year, but Sunday's rally marked a huge increase in turnout compared to about 5,000 protesters earlier this month, and more than about 35,000 people who took part of a protest last November. had also turned to violence.

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