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The opposition's accusations about the floods, the Ministry of Defense responds to Politiko

The opposition's accusations about the floods, the Ministry of Defense


The heavy rains of a week ago caused flooding in some areas of the country, where the situation was most critical in Shkodër and Lezhë.

The opposition stated that the reason for the flooding of agricultural lands and houses in these areas was the opening of the HPP gates without notifying the local authorities.

The mayor of Shkodra, Bardh Spahia, declared in front of the media that the government and KESH had not informed him about the discharges of the dams that took place during the night.

Politiko contacted the Ministry of Defense, which has responded to the opposition's accusations for the first time.

In the reaction to Politiko, 'Defense' says that the flood notification was sent to the authorities in advance by the relevant authorities.

"The notification about the floods was sent on 18.11.2022 and the relevant authorities such as ZOS (Operational Office of the Situation), Deputy Prime Minister, Prefectures, Municipalities and Civil Defense officials in the prefectures and municipalities have been notified," the ministry asserts.

As for the accusations that the opening of the dams was the cause of the floods, the ministry says that "the rainfall that fell in this period in the Region of Kuksi, Shkodra and Lezha, was twice the normal for a month, recorded by the hydro-meteorological stations" .

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