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Balla: It seems that Basha will be re-elected at the head of the DP, I do not believe he will refuse to cooperate with us

Balla: It seems that Basha will be re-elected at the head of the DP, I do not

"From today we start preparations to win the fourth mandate" Thus stated the Secretary General of the SP Taulant Balla as, in a communication with the journalists from the pink headquarters, he revealed the details of the SP Congress, which will be convened tomorrow.

Balla said that the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, seems to win the elections in the Democratic Party and stressed that a new political dialogue with the opposition will be established from September. Regarding Basha's statements that there will be no cooperation with Rama, Balla said that he does not believe that the leader of the Democrats will not accept, as he has tried the path of boycott and non-communication.

"January 15, 2022 to ensure that in the spring of 2022 the entire SP structure responds to the expectations of President Rama and all other colleagues who have the honor to be regional leaders of the SP in preparation for the local elections 2023. Tomorrow meets the most important body such as congress. Step by step, it will be everything, we will all be there.

Tomorrow has the weight and the word of Mr. Rama. From today we start our preparation from today to win the 4th mandate. A political party like ours enters every pair of elections to win, the focus will be on the governing program and reforms, the re-expression of the will for a new political spirit from September. To create a constructive dialogue for the benefit of the country's interests. 2021 is important, within this year the first intergovernmental conference will be held. New spirit and new communication with the opposition. In September, we will have the opportunity to create new communication opportunities in the new assembly legislature. We agree with the DP, I remember some reforms, and Basha will probably be re-elected tomorrow, we will sit at the table again to take the reforms forward. The day you choose your opponent, then go somewhere else. In this institutional area, in front of the DP is the SP and the parliamentary group. We have all the desire for these bridges of communication.

Whether he wants to or not, he has tried this path, the path of boycott, non-communication, lack of dialogue, after the passing of Sunday fever related to the DP election process, I think that Basha will understand that his political opponent is us, but in the end we are Albanians. What Albanians expect is to set up a new communication, in a year when Albania has started negotiations to join the EU. I believe in this point of view what Basha does not accept, because I believe that he will not accept " , said Balla.

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