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"You failed", Rama-Meta: I have bad news for you!

"You failed", Rama-Meta: I have bad news for you!

The situation with the air traffic controllers at Rinas airport for two days has caused accusations and long-distance clashes between the majority and the opposition, as well as President Ilir Meta.

After the decision of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy to start emergency flights today and others tomorrow in Rinas, Rama reacted by giving the "bad news" to President Meta.

"Ilir, I have bad news for you: Vaccines are coming today and flights will resume normally tomorrow! Your plan with Sali to block the vaccination and return Rrunpallë on the eve of the elections failed! Dokrrat with reflections and audits, continue with Leshko and Lesko in the OFL corners! ", Rama says in a reaction on Twitter.

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