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"You will say that Erion counted them incorrectly like cows", continue the replies in the distance Brace-Rama

"You will say that Erion counted them incorrectly like cows", continue

The long-distance retorts between the socialist MP Erion Brace and the Prime Minister Edi Rama have continued, which started a few days ago for the decrease of the number of cows. From the rostrum of the Assembly, Brace again raised the problems of agriculture.

"Tell me where the cows fled when today Albania produces 97% of the milk it consumes" , declared Rama.

This statement of the Prime Minister came after the deputy of the Socialist Party, Erion Braçe made a comparison with the previous years, this year there are 65 thousand cows, 250 thousand sheep and 100 thousand goats less.

While today, Brace said even now they will say that Erion counted him wrong to embarrass the government.

"We will pay more for iron bars, pipes at prices that are abusive. What about the workers, will we pay more or will we continue to pay with the prices of 2020. How much money will we pay for the pipes or the workshop, will we pay?

You are competing from richer markets that are more inviting to every employee. 5.97% economic growth. Very good news. But agriculture was 0.01%. "What do you say now that Erion miscalculated them like cows, to embarrass the government?"  He said.

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