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The agreement for the Port of Durrës is signed, Rama praises Alabbar: There is nothing under the rug

The agreement for the Port of Durrës is signed, Rama praises Alabbar: There

The Albanian government has signed today the agreement for the Port of Durrës. The "Durrës Yacht & Marina" project will be developed in cooperation with the investor Mohamed Alabbar.

Rama responded to the criticism of the project by denying that there is anything hidden in the cooperation between them and the investor while praising Albbari.

The Prime Minister has described him as a good friend of the government, describing the project, which has received international criticism, as a development model.

"The project will bring back to their country people not only from Durrës but from other places to work here in Albania because of the nature of this investment and the ambition, it is the position in the main line of competitors in the Mediterranean, in a dizzying world like it is that of tourism.

The new development model in relation to the environment that this investment brings. Little has been said about the entire transformation of the coastline that today is littered with decades of dumping of ship debris adjacent to the largest beach will transform the environmental parameters of an area from the most polluted and polluting. The investment will bring new solutions for energy, energy efficiency, to guarantee green energy, through the sun and to guarantee free energy for those who will use the investment in terms of taking possession of the apartments.

I want to thank our entire team that has been fantastic in a difficult job with a company that plays a role in the world of the global economy and with an entrepreneur like our friend Mohamed Alabbar who is known worldwide for what he has done, for his experience and the capacity to engage the team of lawyers from the best in the world in Albania and our team has been very determined to reach a fair contract in which for the first time the Albanian state is a direct partner with 33% of the shares that the process has nothing under mat because if there was something under the mat, the state would not have the opportunity to take 33% of the shares" , said Rama.


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