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"Essential flights start today, tomorrow for the citizens", Balluku: It was planned to block the flights until the day of the elections

"Essential flights start today, tomorrow for the citizens", Balluku:
Belinda Balluku

Essential and commercial flights will start today. The news was announced by the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku from Rinas. She said air traffic has started work.

The Minister announced that emergency, diplomatic, military, humanitarian and health flights will start today. She added that the amount of vaccines that was expected to come yesterday, will arrive today around 15.00.

Balluku said that citizens who have been waiting since yesterday, will have the opportunity to travel tomorrow, as flights for this category will start on Friday morning.

"Essential, humanitarian, emergency, state, diplomatic and military flights will start today. We have managed to save the amount of vaccines that should have come yesterday, which will come today at 15.00.

Impossible to have commercial flights, but we are working. "Tomorrow, in the early hours of the morning and throughout the day, we will have normal operations, " Balluku said.

The latter reiterated the accusations, calling the controllers' protest a well-organized plan to "block flights until election day".

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