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Rama mocks the mayor of Himara: He ate wood in public, but waking up from sleep set an example

Rama mocks the mayor of Himara: He ate wood in public, but waking up from sleep

Prime Minister Edi Rama participated today in the Forum for Integrated Waste Management, where the German Ambassador in Tirana Peter Zingraff was also present. Rama will also hold a meeting with the country's mayors regarding the cleanliness situation in Albania.

In his speech, as he made a brief analysis of the waste situation in the country, Rama did not spare the stings either. This time the 'target' was the mayor of Himara, Jorgo Goro, whom Rama praised for his work as he said that he learned from the 'wood he ate publicly.

The Prime Minister said that Goro's awakening to turn Himara into a mirror was worth it.

"I want to mention Himara, I don't see the mayor of Himara, it's important that I want to mention it as a success story and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he wasn't here because he was always present when he ate wood publicly, but the example of Himara is an outstanding example. Of a sudden awakening from the mayor's sleep and of a job that is a mirror for everyone to take as an example right now, that shows how important this relationship is and that everyone does their job" , said Rama.

Among the mayors whom Rama criticized in the last meeting, and not only, is the mayor of Vlora, Dritan Leli. Rama said that Vloraka is a sleeping mayor. He did not spare criticism for Veliaj and the mayor of Durrës, Emirjana Sako, estimating that they have more work to do with waste management.

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