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Rama from Prague: We face a dramatic emergency, the age of danger has been formalized

Rama from Prague: We face a dramatic emergency, the age of danger has been

Prime Minister Edi Rama says that the era of danger has already begun, due to Russia's war in Ukraine.

In a video message for 'Opinion from Prague, Rama emphasized the importance of the new Political Community as a common platform.

" Today the era of calm has ended, the era of danger has begun which has been formalized, confronting us with another such dramatic common emergency. Russian aggression with its shocking political and economic consequences.

Especially with the fear it has planted in the lives of our countries and citizens, it has brought us again to the absolute necessity to act as a body, the European Union and Europe.

Never before have the citizens of Europe had to face so many common challenges, regardless of where they are, since the Second World War.

And so, it is hoped that the new Political Community will become a common platform on which to think about the challenges of the future in a way that brings us together that values ​​the experiences and respects the internal dynamics of all the individual states of Europe, but meanwhile changes the concept of what it means to be together in this territory regardless of who is EU and who is only E, a coexistence and a collective action. 

I want to hope that, by reacting together in defense of Ukraine's territorial integrity, we have learned that this is exactly how we will also find the will to fight not only against the way some others do things, but also for the way we we have to do things as an entire European Political Community ", says Rama.




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