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Rama appeals to the UN: Focus on cyber security, Albania was part of an attack orchestrated by Iran

Rama appeals to the UN: Focus on cyber security, Albania was part of an attack

Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed a call to the United Nations Organization during the organized assembly.

In his speech, Rama asked the UN to show more vigilance about cyber attacks and focus more investments on their prevention.

As he referred to the cyber attack organized by Iran, which hit Albania twice, Rama said that such a flagrant violation left the Albanian government with no other option but to cut off diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"The world has never been a peaceful place and there are many serious challenges that need to be addressed properly. Many countries have become subject to the seizure of power by force. At a time when a multitude of crises have plunged the world into turmoil, I ask the assembly on another issue, that of cyber security.

In Albania, 95% of services are offered online to save time, energy and improve quality. Last July, Albania became the object of an unprovoked cyber attack aimed at paralyzing the public service. An in-depth, long and comprehensive investigation conducted with world expertise has confirmed that the cyber attack was sponsored by Iran.

Faced with such a flagrant violation of norms in a time of peace, the Albanian government had no choice but to cut off relations with Iran. We hope this measure will be an example. We call on the UN to focus on cyber security and investing in prevention. Albania is a member of the Balkan Municipality, a part of Europe with a troubled history,"  said Rama.

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