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Rama "pulls the ear" to the deputies: The debate in the committees should not degrade into "who are you, and who am I"

Rama "pulls the ear" to the deputies: The debate in the committees

The head of the government, Edi Rama, has criticized the socialist deputies for the language used in the meetings of the parliamentary committees. He urged them to restrain themselves and not fall prey to provocations.

Rama told the Socialists that starting from February, hearings of MPs will be held with ministers, so that lawmakers get acquainted with the plans of the executive, while the government cabinet with the complaints of MPs.

"Finally, a remark that I understand the difficulty, everyone must restrain and contain each other in Parliamentary Committees, that work in front of the public for hours and in the face of provocateurs and well-trained agitators, but finally a little confused, due to the explosion of locks and hinges, to degrade into "who are you, and who am I".

There have been two or three cases, which have been unfortunate and do not help us at all to improve the position of politics in the eyes of the people. "Starting from February, I want to start a series of hearings with the deputies in the committees, where the ministers will answer the deputies for all the complaints and requests, while the deputies on the other hand will be acquainted with the plans and steps that will be taken by the government" , said Rama.


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