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34 years since the murder of Havzi Nela, Berisha: Enver Hoxha, the Albanian Hitler after the Second World War

34 years since the murder of Havzi Nela, Berisha: Enver Hoxha, the Albanian

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, today held a meeting of citizens and former persecuted political figures on the 34th anniversary of the execution by the communist regime of the poet Havzi Nela.

Berisha said during the meeting that the killing of Havzi Nela proved that the dictator Enver Hoxha was another Hitler after the Second World War. Berisha recalled the DP congress at that time where dignitaries from the world were also invited who, according to him, considered Hoxha a Hitler.

"Havzi Nela is the last evidence after he was hanged 34 years ago today in the central square of the city of Kukës, the main evidence that Enver Hoxha was a real Hitler after the Second World War. I took my first steps in politics when I was invited to participate in a congress of the Democratic Parties of Europe, a total of 4 months after the establishment of the opposition here.

In that congress I was given the floor and I gave a speech. In the statement of that congress where Theçeri was present, Jacques Chirak and other prominent personalities of the time described Enver Hoxha as the Albanian Hitler after the Second World War.

During 50 years of communism, Europe had known one of the fiercest dictators, such was Brezhnev, there were others, but the only one who was compared to Hitler was Enver Hoxha.

I have tried to deeply understand the reasons that pushed them and I think that two were the main reasons why Enver Hoxha is close to Adolf Hitler. One of these was the attitude towards free speech and the opposition. A great philosopher and one of the smartest men of the German land, Karl Jasper studied Nazism a lot and helped his nation a lot to make them aware of the responsibility they had in a way and the support of the regime.

Enver Hoxha in this report was a real Hitler because like no one else he showed zero tolerance for different thoughts and words. Today, many of you who belong to honorable families know that the beheading of the national elite was the first anti-Albanian act ," Berisha declared.

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