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Açka: Rama, a statesman, should resign and be investigated for "McGonigal"

Açka: Rama, a statesman, should resign and be investigated for

Democratic MP Flutura Açka has called on Prime Minister Edi Rama to come out and tell his truth, if he is as he says, clean about the McGonigal case.

While commenting on the prime minister's television appearances, Thursday night, the democratic deputy said in "Interview" on A2 CNN, that this was a way for the head of government to maintain a controlled attitude.

According to her, Rama is trying to buy time since even "he himself does not know how far his "friend," former FBI official Charles McGonigal, may have gone.

"I have the impression that Rama is taking time. It takes time because perhaps he himself is perhaps disoriented. I don't know to what extent his friend has gone... He finds himself more comfortable on a screen on Skype, that the word gets the word out, if he were in the Parliament. "

Acka estimates that it was the great public pressure that made the head of the government come out and give an explanation, as she put it "with directedness and spare minutes."

According to her, Rama should resign, strip himself of any immunity and allow Albanian and American justice to investigate him.

"...It affected the free vote, it misled the public, the electorate. The file comes from his office, from his personal line. If I were like Rama, I would resign, with honor, and tell the justice authorities, investigate me. Here is the division between statesmen and statesmen. Edi Rama is a statesman. To be stripped of his immunity before American and Albanian justice."



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