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"Aktiv1sti" application, DP calls on SPAK to investigate: The government forces the administration on official schedule

"Aktiv1sti" application, DP calls on SPAK to investigate: The

The Democratic Party has called on SPAK to investigate the application created by the socialists called "Aktiv1st", which forces the administration to 'share' and 'like'.

The Secretary for Public Relations, Jola Hysaj, said in a statement from the blue headquarters that these 'likes' and 'shares' that are made to the posts of Rama or cabinet ministers, give points to the employee.

Hysaj added that the administration holds periodic meetings to ensure the successful use of the application. Hysaj said that Rama's only problem is not the citizens, but how to stay in power. 

Hysaj's statement:

The Albanian government, central and local public administration, have for years turned into institutions where people's problems are no longer thought of, but only how to keep Edi Rama and Rilindja in absolute power.

Anyone would think that in the buildings of the ministries or directorates, during the official schedule, the task is carried out for which the administration is paid by the taxes of the Albanians.

But the facts say the opposite. And these facts have started to be published by leftist officials themselves.

A testimony of this official has been published in the media, who confesses that senior leaders in the ministry who have been placed in this position by order of the party, have the sole purpose of electoral service to the Socialist Party and for this fact are tasked to order subordinates to dismiss "Akt1visti" application.

An administration source on condition of anonymity tells the media that if you engage on the pages of Edi Rama, Belinda Balluku and other ministers, a like is 5 points, a share 15 points.

The scandal goes beyond imagination when in the administration, in central and local institutions, regular meetings are held to follow the progress of the application and its users.

In 2023, the government forces public employees to like, comment and share on Facebook, etc., the posts of Edi Rama, other members of the government, and if someone does not agree to participate in this application, they are blackmailed and even fired.

In addition, this application contradicts all possible Albanian and international laws, seriously violating privacy.

Edi Rama must understand that he has become a laughingstock even within his party and government.

The Democratic Party once again calls on the SPAK to urgently start investigations against the persons responsible for the production and distribution of the "Activist" application, through which the senior leaders of the state are blackmailing the employees of the administration in complete violation of the Civil Service Law and Labor Code.

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