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Argita, successor of Berisha? Gazment Bardhi: It's time to win!

Argita, successor of Berisha? Gazment Bardhi: It's time to win!

The vice-president of the DP, Gazment Bardhi, asked to put an end to the theories about political successors of the president Sali Berisha, even when talking about his daughter, Argita Malltezi. Evaluating her intellectual and professional profile, Bardhi said it is time to work and win the elections.

"As long as PD has its president, I refuse to talk about the theory of succession. At this moment there is no vacancy in the leadership of the party. The chairman of the party is Mr. Berisha. Each one of us has so much work to do within the party that we should not think about who will be the successor of Sali Berisha, but have only one thing in mind: What with the chairman of the PD, Mr. Berisha, the PD wins the 2025 elections. If we talk about the successor is a wasted energy and definitely the soul we talk about as if we will lose in 2025.

We must focus on how with this structure, with this leadership, with this leader, to lead the DP to the next victory." - said Bardhi on RTSH.

Although he tried to avoid this topic, Bardhi did not hesitate not only to give maximum appreciation for the professionalism of Argita Malltez, but also to support the hypothesis that she would be an added value within the PD parliamentary group.

" Ms. Malltezi is an excellent professional, a law teacher, and this format would be valuable for the DP, even as a member of the DP parliamentary group. In principle, Ms. Malltezi would be an intellectual figure and an added value for DP." - said Gazment Bardhi. 

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