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Balliu: Socialists in Germany for the championship, policemen 12 hours at work without pay

Balliu: Socialists in Germany for the championship, policemen 12 hours at work

The head of organization in DP, Klevis Balliu, through a statement to the media, said that the socialists have all fled to Germany for the championship and have left the policemen at work from 12 hours a day, while they themselves are for tourism.

He has called on the policemen to rebel against the government and join tomorrow's protest of the Municipality of Tirana.

The statement of the regional coordinator for Tirana of the PD, Klevis Balliu:

While Parliament is closed because government officials and MPs will go to Germany to watch the European matches, the police who protect them from popular anger and who are forced to throw gas on opposition protesters will have to spend the day 12 working hours.

This is done by order of the minister, so that the police become part of the propaganda about the flow of tourism and their safety.

Of course, working overtime is not an unknown practice in the world, both in the private and public sectors, always respecting the principle of doubling the remuneration per working hour. For Albanian policemen, it changes no. They will work extra hours in the middle of the heat, at the height of the tourist season, when both people and traffic increase without an extra cent in pay.

Those who will guard the beaches will sleep on beach chairs, being far from home and unable to pay for the hotel.

Men and women with below-average wages, and with families and aunts, will not only work overtime when others are off, but they won't even get paid.

This is the fine the narco-government imposes on the blue uniforms to keep their jobs.

After prompting them to poison the protesters, he poisons their wine with an unrewarding workload.

The political minister can do anything to maintain the facade of his own government, but police professionals must protect the uniform and dignity of their lower-ranking colleagues.

Otherwise they are accomplices in this social crime.

Otherwise they will be suspected of being paid for overtime when they help criminals, as shown in the Metamorphosis file.

We call on the policemen to rebel with us, tomorrow in the municipality protest for this injustice.

We don't expect this from patronageists throwing gas at protesters, but from the blue uniforms not bought by crime, we do.

Together to put an end to this inhuman Rama-Balla government that treats the policemen of this country as a showcase of imaginary successes with tourism of unprecedented records.

A government that leaves its citizens on the streets cannot be proud of tourists filling the country's streets.

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