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Balliu shows the scenario of the protest: We will respect every norm, but not provocations

Balliu shows the scenario of the protest: We will respect every norm, but not

The head of organization in the Democratic Party, Klevis Balliu, has shown details of the protest that will be held tomorrow.

Invited to News24, Balliu said that the protesters will respect the security perimeter, but will not tolerate exaggerations or provocations. Balliu declared that the protest will take place on the Boulevard with a podium and all other elements.

He added that the fundamental importance of the protest is the message that the protest will convey.

"The protest is tomorrow. Citizens will come earlier, also because of security. We respect the security protocol that the police have for EU leaders, so that they are convinced that there is no country and people more pro-European than the Albanians. We are not on track to go that way. We will respect any norm, but not provocations and exaggerations. You will not block Durrës, for example, because the summit is in Tirana. the excuse that it is their security and the protest should be removed, I said they are a thousand euros more confident that they are more confident to hold the summit in protest than before Ramaçi and Vucic. The protest will be on the Boulevard. There will be podiums, they will all be there, the main importance is the message. It matters a lot that I listen to some analysts who are either overpaid or don't know the truth. We have not decided how many hours we will protest", Balliu said.

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