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"Join for a technical government", Berisha: The condition for Albanians to vote freely

"Join for a technical government", Berisha: The condition for

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, today called on his supporters and Albanian citizens to create a technical government, as according to him, only in this way can a free vote be guaranteed.

" Dear friends, with this government, poverty will increase more and more.
Scarcity will always become more frightening.
Edi Rama with his taxi plane will not spend 22 million euros in 18 months, but more, even 30, even 40 million.
Public assets do not turn into material goods for the citizens, but turn into goods for the governors.
They are treating everything as their property, they are looting everything as their property.
Let's ask ourselves, are there people in Europe more deceived than the Albanians by Edi Rama?
Tell me, didn't he promise 300 thousand jobs?
Didn't he promise to remove VAT from food?
Didn't this promise drinking water in every home?
Didn't he promise to open negotiations with the EU?
Didn't this one promise the Blue Corridor and I don't know?
Where are? Cheats, cheats and only cheats.
All this will get worse, there is no end to evil if we don't put an end to it.
And this evil is Edi Rama with his thefts, with his deceptions, with the kidnapping of the Albanians' vote.
Therefore, I call on the Albanian citizens to unite for a technical government as the condition of all the conditions for the Albanian citizens to vote freely.
To vote with dignity, to choose their leaders.
As the condition of all conditions to establish equality before the law.
To give Albanians the justice system they deserve.
Can we remain contemplative in front of this situation?
No never!
That is why we must stand up in the battle without return, in civil disobedience in every city, in every corner of Albania.
For a technical government.
For the battle, the rotation of power , "said Berisha.

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