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Berisha: Bajram Begaj is a socialist, a strong friend of Rama and Balla

Berisha: Bajram Begaj is a socialist, a strong friend of Rama and Balla

DP leader Sali Berisha has described the new president Bajram Begaj as a socialist and a close friend of Prime Minister Edi Rama and the head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla.

Invited to 'Opinion', Berisha said that Begaj has been appointed by the Socialists as hospital director before.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Fevziu: The president is not theirs…

Berisha: He has been a socialist throughout his life. He has been appointed director of the hospital.

Fevziu: He was appointed based on his profession.

Berisha: The director of the hospital is not appointed without party affiliation.

Full PS figure, much loved. He is a much-loved figure of the SP, unfortunately one of the blackest exponents of politics in 30 years, Edi Rama and Taulant Ballës.

Fevziu: I have the impression that Rama stated that he does not know him.

Berisha: To believe such a thing means to believe the square circle. There is no prime minister who does not know the chief of staff. The case of the army chief of staff being a doctor, who until a few years ago practiced his profession, I do not know how it could happen.

Fevziu: Albania has had presidents and prime ministers doctors?

Berisha: You are comparing the incomparable. The Chief of Staff deals with the doctrines of all three weapons; infantry, fleet and air force.

While you can have about 10 prime ministers in Europe, you can have about 15 presidents in the world. Let us not compare the incomparable.

The president is a socialist and a staunch friend of two of the blackest figures in the history of Albanian politics, Edi Rama and Taulant Ballës.

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