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Berisha: Democracy is not given, democracy is earned

Berisha: Democracy is not given, democracy is earned

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has focused on the first moments of the fall of communism in Albania and the arrival of democracy in the early 1990s.

"I learned a key lesson about democracy, democracy is not given, democracy is earned," said Berisha in the marathon protest that takes place on the "Street of Hope".

Berisha: Dear citizens of Tirana and Albania, resistance fighters, true missionaries of Albania's hope and future.

My greatest respect to you, to the wise, eloquent orators who convey from this platform the light of truth to the four corners of Albania.

Dear friends, as a person who gave me the opportunity, trust and privilege to lead together with others the battle that overthrew communism, as the first president of pluralist Albania, the prime minister of the government that made Albania a member of NATO and liberalized visas for Albanians, that realized the projects of the century such as Rruga e Kombit, TAP and Caskada e Devolli, doubled salaries and pensions, I can tell you that I learned a key lesson about democracy.

In the days we live in, this lesson is more important than ever.

Therefore, I want to share this lesson with you because it stands as the most essential lesson of my political life to guarantee democracy for us and the generations that will come after us.

This lesson is: democracy is not given, democracy is earned. Democracy is robbed and disappears if it is not protected.

You cannot find a case in the world when democracy was given to the citizens. No one gave democracy to the founding fathers of the USA. They won it themselves.

No one gave democracy to the Albanians in 1991. The Albanians earned it themselves. There is no nation in the world where democracy was served as a gift on a silver plate.

Democracy is won and only won. Democracy is won with battle, with courage, with sacrifices, with selflessness, with tears, with sweat and tears.

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