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Berisha: The 'delegations' of patron-Nazis are leaving for Milan!

Berisha: The 'delegations' of patron-Nazis are leaving for Milan!

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, reacted to today's meeting of Rama in Italy. 

In a post on Facebook, he writes that the meeting that will take place with the immigrants will be the same as the one in Athens with a hall filled with renaissance patrons.

Berisha's post: 

"The patron-Nazi 'delegations' are leaving for Milan!", Berisha writes in his post, sharing with his followers a message from a citizen who shows how the departure for Italy is being imposed on municipal employees and the administration.

The 'delegations' of the patron Nazis are leaving for Milan!

Read the message of the digital citizen!

I just want to tell you that the meeting in Italy between Rama and the Albanians there is the next farce and the way the Albanians are being treated is so ugly; the way the employees of the administration, of the Municipality of Tirana and many other municipalities of the country, including the structures of the SP, are being mistreated, without a trace of shame, who are forced to go to Milan to keep Ed's propaganda iso.

The groups of people who come and go, within a day or 24 hours, call them a delegation through messages because they don't want to look bad if their messages get out, but the essence is more obvious - many Albanians are heading to Italy for Rama's meeting. It is alarming and unfortunate.

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