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Berisha: O KLP members, you have a duty to control, not to be the master of thieves

Berisha: O KLP members, you have a duty to control, not to be the master of

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has responded to the reaction of the High Control of Justice, where they defended SPAK leader Altin Duman after serious public accusations against him, that he met with the former senior FBI official, Charles McGonigal ,.

Berisha: Now the question arises for you, for every citizen, but also for those of the KLP who beat our chests for Daman and the Zamans: sir, tell us a little about you who supervise Duman and swear on his head, how did he come out with three apartments with a state salary, or are you yourself like him and get away with it?

Gentlemen of the KLP, I don't want to prejudge anyone, but doesn't the law of the prosecutor's office say, doesn't it authorize him to open cases mainly?

Is there a more ridiculous fraud besides Edi Rama's 7 billion Shpirag than Erion Veliaj's 1 million tree vertical forest?

Where do you have Duman or do you sleep in the shadow of this forest?

O KLP-ers, your duty is to control, not to be lord of the thieves, enemies of the law, organized criminal gangs in the bodies of justice.

Let me ask you criminal lawyers: isn't it Duman who sleeps on file 184, 339? Tell us a little, aren't those files a major electoral crime or funny?

But who can respect you when you don't respect yourself?

When Dumani comes to the hall with a 2-meter long stick as if it were Enver Hoxha.

What are you? You are the shame of the earth!

See yourself for who you are!

Are you lawyers or not, KLP-ists? Do you see how Dumani is amnestying Erion Veliaj, who signed by cheating for the municipal council.

That he signed by deceiving the district council.

That he signed by deceiving for the supervision of the construction object.

Are you Albanian or what are you? Or are you like that too?

Do you have the right to check or not? Or have they blindfolded you like Duman with drugs and crime money.

And demand respect then. Yes, the opposition will respect you 100 times, but you leave no reason for the slightest respect.

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