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Berisha warns of another protest before February 11: Citizens of Tirana to gather at the parliament

Berisha warns of another protest before February 11: Citizens of Tirana to

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has warned of a protest after two days in front of the parliament, while continuing to talk about the "McGonigal" case.

Berisha said that there will be a session in the parliament with questions related to this affair, but according to him, Prime Minister Rama has ordered the speaker of the assembly to expel 8 democratic deputies.  

Berisha : Confronting him is the condition for Albanians to vote freely. We have declared, we do not come to power by other means, except by free vote. We have a duty to make Albanians vote freely. He talks about earthquakes, we have to make tsunamis. Not the elections, the governance. We are for free elections, we do not affect anyone's vote and we respect everyone. But if he will make the earthquake vote, we will give the government to him.

Date 11 is the beginning of a revolution which stops only with the overthrow of Edi Rama. Tomorrow afternoon at 10:00 that there are many tasks, the opposition is a sacrifice. This is the truth. If it had a second name, it would mean opposition-sacrifice.

The day after tomorrow we have summoned him to the parliament. I invite the citizens of Tirana, there is no need from the districts to come around the parliament, to be there. Let them also have their voice outside the parliament. Parliament cannot be left to a criminal like him. Did you notice, he came to the parliament and cursed in a more distorted way. Nothing because he knew he was more criminal than any other criminal in this country.

A man who orders to kill the opposition, to annihilate the opposition, he is the biggest criminal of this country. Therefore, disfigured, he came and behaved towards the opposition in the most hostile way. They deny us every right there, they make us run away from the parliament, but no, we will not run away from the parliament. We will speak there, you will speak there outside the parliament. The parliament is yours, it belongs to the citizens, it is the temple of democracy and we do not let a handful of criminals into the parliament.

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., Linda ordered the parliament to expel 8 deputies. You listen, on Wednesday at 10 o'clock we have the session of questions in the parliament about Edi Rama, we will explain to the Albanians about McGonigal, Marko Rossi, Dučka, Neza. Let us explain all this to the Albanians.

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