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Berisha: When Rama failed to rob PD, he ordered the Dumans and they arrested Sali Berisha

Berisha: When Rama failed to rob PD, he ordered the Dumans and they arrested

The leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, attacked Edi Rama, saying that, after the project to rob the Democratic Party failed, he then started another mission, that of arresting Sali Berisha without any evidence, just like in Russia.

Excerpt from the speech of the head of the DP, Sali Berisha:

Democracy must always be protected, otherwise it does not survive and is lost as it has been lost in dozens of nations throughout recent history.

Condemned is any nation that forgets this lesson, because this nation will always lose democracy. In this context, since 2021 we are in the decisive struggle of the era to save democracy.

But again we cannot say that we have saved him. No and no. But we are in the middle of a war and our battle was not and is not a lost battle. No and no.

And we can proudly say that after many attacks, corruption tears, infidelities, crimes, we have won every battle we have fought until today.

Edi Rama had only one goal, Albania without opposition or oppositions in his footsteps.

But just like in the legend, David won the battle, we won. He lost. This is where we are today.

We won and his mob lost dismally.

Edi Rama tried to steal the PD from us. But we won this battle. Edi Rama lost.

Today, the DP is not the hostages of Edi Rama, but it is the democrats, the freedom fighters, the resistance fighters of the liberation of the country.

Today, PD is united.

Today the party is ready for its return to power. Edi Rama lost and will lose again.

When Edi Rama saw that the project to rob the PD did not work, he ordered his Dumans and they arrested Sali Berisha without evidence as in Russia.

No facts, like in Myanmar. And for the greatest shamelessness of the new justice, without any charges and in violation of the Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights, just like in Belarus.

But Edi Rama with the kamikazes, with his Dumans of new justice, lost again. Sali Berisha is here tonight, together with you. We are stronger than ever.

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