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Berisha: Rama went to attack Greece, he mentioned bread to the Italians!

Berisha: Rama went to attack Greece, he mentioned bread to the Italians!

 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha said that Edi Rama went to Italy today to attack Greece, with shameful, rusty, outdated Enverist mentality.

Berisha : In Milan, Italy, you went to attack Greece with shameful, rusty, outdated Enverist mentality.

You have to be fluent to think that you can shame Greece, that you can throw mud on a neighboring country, in which more than 1 million Albanians live, and in which, despite all the problems that have happened between neighbors in 30 years, it has helped Albania in all the integration processes, in all its way of building the market economy and the democratic system.

But you mobster who has no honor or dignity, knows no principles or standards, attacks Greece for the interests of your mobsters and your clans.

Wasn't it you who two days ago went and became a false witness to Olta Xhačka, a false witness to your traffickers, who loot and rob the properties of the residents of the coast.

O shame, you can't have any other name than Edi Rama's name.

In Italy, I told the Italians that those who were left in Albania, we kept them, fed them and sent them away.

But the truth is that generous, noble Albanian families have carried out this gesture. But your fathers Edi Rama, serial killer, Mehmet Shehu executed with his own hand, in flagrant violation of all conventions with hundreds of Italian prisoners of war.

Ask for forgiveness, O coward, because the prisoners of war, those who kill prisoners of war, commit war crimes and they are never atoned for.

Therefore, since you mentioned to the Italians the bread that the Albanians gave them and the escort they gave them, you also mentioned the monstrous war crimes that your spiritual fathers committed, just to get a uniform, a pair of shoes, a belt .

O criminal, don't protect criminals, denounce the crime, but you can't do it.

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