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Berisha appealed to Balla: Don't you dare touch the democrats with your hand, you sent murderous policemen to the cells

Berisha appealed to Balla: Don't you dare touch the democrats with your

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has made it clear to the Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, to keep his hands off Democrats.

From Rruga e Shpresa, Berisha asked Balla not to touch the democrats arrested during the protest against the corruption of Veliaj and the directors of the Municipality of Tirana. He said that the democrats were sent to effective cells to torture and terrorize them.

"But I have a special greeting for our political prisoners, young people Franc Kaloshi, Kevin Vidrica, Bernard Metaliaj, who were kidnapped, taken hostage by thugs in uniform, in violation of the law, in violation of the Constitution and were mistreated from the hora to the cells of the narcostate.

I say to Taulant Balla, that you are a friend of the gangs, that you are a criminal who ordered murders, they have appeared in the courtroom, an accomplice in monstrous traffic, do not touch the democrats with your hand because you will suffer what you deserve.

My friends, you must know that in the cells of the indomitable, courageous fighters, murderous policemen, convicted of murder in other countries, have been sent to harass, insult and terrorize them.

But they stood like giants, they stood like real heroes and on Friday the battle continues strong, Friday is victory", said Berisha.


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