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Bushati: Berisha, the only alternative in the face of this regime

Bushati: Berisha, the only alternative in the face of this regime

Analyst Andi Bushati commented on yesterday's opposition protest, which he sees with the largest participation since the last elections.

" Since the last elections in terms of participation, this is the largest protest of the opposition. It depends how you see it, half empty or half full.

If we measure it in terms of how much it will shake Rama's regime, it has not had any great effect.

That the DP militants have supported the wind of the DP can be called a success ," said Bushati in MCN.

He stated that this was not a protest for the union of Flamur Noka and Gazment Bardhi, but that it is a protest of Berishism.

" Regardless of the fact that I may not like it, or that it seems absurd to someone else that even after 30 years a part of the Albanian electorate loves Berisha, the fact is that a large part of them are supporters of Berisha, a political prisoner.

It is a Berisha protest, unfortunately, whether we like it or not, Berisha and the Berishas are the only alternative in the face of this regime.

I don't know if the protests, if held once a month, will have as much participation as yesterday, I don't believe that the opposition is free enough to protest so massively and peacefully.

The truth is not that this is a protest that could shake Rama's regime.

Our society is not at the point where Rama can be overthrown by protest.

But Rama's regime will suffocate and annihilate the opposition.

The protests are for survival, against a government that will annihilate the opposition ," said the analyst.

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