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Bylykbashi: Electoral reform aims at political rotation

Bylykbashi: Electoral reform aims at political rotation

PD Vice President, Oerd Bylykbashi, has stated today that the purpose of the electoral reform is to guarantee political rotation, as it is a constitutional obligation.

Invited to the 'Task Force' show on Syri TV, he said that the first plan is to return to the June 5 agreement, adding that the one we have today is not 2008 but 2020, which is toxic and must be changed.

"Coalitions with a composite list should be restored, as this gives more weight to small parties. What we propose is the return to the coalition with an open list of parties. This was done from 2003 to 2020, and this mechanism produced two rotations, once in 2005 and once in 2013. The main purpose of this reform is to guarantee political rotation, it is a constitutional obligation. The agreement of June 5 was endorsed by the highest offices, from Pompeo to Washington. pressure to vote, for patronage", said Bylykbashi.

He says that the ODIHR in its report after the elections recommends the institutions to condemn the phenomena that affect the vote. Bylykbashi said that after this report, even the embassies have closed their mouths because such phenomena have not been dealt with by the justice bodies, including SPAK.

Bylykbashi said that the goal of that reform was to extinguish the generators of crises. He said that the reform at that time changed the system, as it solved the issue of crisis generators.

"Most of the debate that has been going on all these years is an uninformed debate. In the partyocratic system we have, where party leaders appoint the people they want, and one of the biggest dangers is when parties take the name of the President.

We've tried the pure majoritarian, the German system, we've tried the friendly systems, we've tried the distorted German system, then we've tried the Spanish proportional. Take systems among the best, such as the German one, and the north in the context of Albanian negative will, they will fail", said Bylykbashi.

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