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Dash Shehi: The state is a party to corruption, the public 'pot' is served with PPP tenders

Dash Shehi: The state is a party to corruption, the public 'pot' is

The head of LZHK and the opposition deputy, Dashamir Shehi, described the situation with corruption in Albania as difficult.

Invited to the studio of "Open" on News 24, Shehi said that corruption has entered at every level and that the public 'pot' is being shared with tenders and PPP. Shehi cited cases of corruption starting from the lowest level to the highest.

The deputy added that the state in Albania has become a party to corruption.

"We are much worse. The amount of corrupt money circulating is increasing. Here the volume increases, simultaneously the corrupt measures, but also the percentage in a certain way. Corruption has existed in Albania, but never at the levels it is today.

Today, the public treasury is divided with PPP tenders and corruption has become capillary, it starts with the tax official who enters the shop and shares with the owner, what he has to pay to the Albanian state.

So I'm talking about the daily stories, from the policeman of the area who has to establish order, he has become a semi-businessman himself, pretending not to see the cameras located in the middle of the city. There is corruption in London, in America, but the state has opposed it and sometimes it wins and sometimes it doesn't. But in Albania it has become a party to corruption.

Among us, the honest are frightened... The day has come for a great upheaval. At these rates the result is scary, to get closer to Europe we need to subtract 50 numbers, there is no sign here. Kosovo has done it, it is different and there is improvement" , said Shehi.

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