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Resignation of 13 PD members, Mano: Moral act. Basha has betrayed the causes of the Democrats

Resignation of 13 PD members, Mano: Moral act. Basha has betrayed the causes of

After the resignation of a group of 13 members of the Democratic Party in Korça, Andrea Mano, the leader of the Democratic Party in this region, also a member of the National Council has listed the reasons that led them to this decision, while openly expressing dissatisfaction with President Basha.

In an interview with journalist Klementina Cenkollari on MCN, Mano says that the result of Korça, and not only, was not what the Democratic Party expected, and as such should have been followed by a series of resignations in the ranks of leaders.

"When some causes of the Democrats are betrayed, when the battles of the Democrats are not brought to an end and left in the middle of the road by the one who is in power today and when the municipalities are handed over to power, of course these actions have a person responsible and he is Lulzim Basha.

He is the main protagonist and has taken on the responsibilities alone. The way he approached the party either in making the lists for MPs, whether in the responsibilities in the campaign or the way he reacted after April 25 shows that we have a problem in the DP and we have a problem with democracy and its implementation and that was the reason why 14 members of Korça to resign.

Disappointment has to do with the local branch. What I mentioned above are the causes of the Democrats left in the middle by the party chairman. He has decided for himself everything and the result has been failure and loss. Democrats' approach to the party chairman is left in the middle and there is normally dissatisfaction. "For this reason they reacted by resigning," said Mano.

Andrea Mano, as the head of the Korça branch, was listed by Lulzim Basha in an unsafe list, while the dissatisfaction between them seems to have arisen precisely with the compilation of the list of candidates for deputy.

Asked what he thinks should change in the functioning of the DP, Mano said that “The approach to the result should change and measures should be taken. The DP has a lot to change since internal democracy. I expected today Spaho to welcome this decision. Being in a position and resigning is the most moral thing. "The reasons for the loss of April 25 must be analyzed."


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