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Delivered Veliaj, Teliti: The Presidency of the Municipal Council meets on Monday for the demands of the opposition

Delivered Veliaj, Teliti: The Presidency of the Municipal Council meets on

The vice president of the Tirana municipal council, Dorian Teliti, in a statement to the media, said that the leadership of the Tirana municipal council will meet on Monday to discuss the demands of the opposition councilors.

"Finally, the majority in the City Council has announced that on Monday at 17:00, the Presidency of the City Council will meet to discuss and make a decision on the requests submitted by the opposition councilors for an extraordinary meeting of the Council itself Municipal.

However, the open violation of the law and the internal regulation of the operation of the Municipal Council continues.

In Article 36, the Regulation obliges the Municipal Council to set up the Internal Financial Commission, a commission which operates for the entire 4-year period, and is composed of representatives of the majority and the opposition. Above all, this commission has the functional task of controlling the income and expenses incurred by the executive body, that is, by the municipality headed by Erion Veliaj, in accordance with the approved annual budgets.

Since July 2023, practically every month, at the meetings of the Municipal Council, in the capacity of the Vice-Chairman of the Council and automatically a member of the Presidency of this Council, I have officially requested the establishment of this commission, but I have faced silence and denial of this legal request . 10 months have passed since the constitution of the Municipal Council, but the majority acts as if they do not see and do not know the regulation.

Even during this week, I have twice officially addressed the Presidency of the Municipal Council, to include in the agenda of the meeting of the Presidency on Monday, an additional point, the establishment of this commission, especially in the context of the publications on the embezzlement of tens of millions of euros from the high functionaries of the Municipality", declared Teliti.

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