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"Berisha said it well", Sula about Rama's withdrawal from the increase in energy: He finds out only by force

"Berisha said it well", Sula about Rama's withdrawal from the

DP MP, Dash Sula, sees Prime Minister Edi Rama's withdrawal from the increase in electricity prices as fear in front of the citizens on the eve of the elections.

Invited to Ora News, he proved Berisha right, when he said today that Rama only learns under pressure.

In Sula's judgment, the price increase for family consumers exceeding 800 kilowatts would bring social unrest, and Rama did not have this in his favor.

SulaThis decision is enough to cry and laugh at. To cry is when it started, it would have an extremely negative impact on the citizens. If the energy would increase, Albanian families would have a big problem. But it is laughable with the arguments that Rama gave today. We are dealing with a man who mistakes the day for the sun and neither blushes nor turns yellow.

It is true that there is no shame at all. He withdrew because he is afraid, the increase in electricity would give great negativity. The prime minister's fear is that there are elections ahead. Rama is clear that he can't push him to this point anymore. If this happened, he was convinced that there would be large protests. He retreated because he was afraid, but why does he lie and deceive? Mr. Berisha said it well that this man learns only by force. The withdrawal from the opposition was that we argued.

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