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Edith Harxhi: I was removed from the Embassy in Ankara, they thought I was an MI6 agent

Edith Harxhi: I was removed from the Embassy in Ankara, they thought I was an

She was invited to the show "Free Zone"

Democratic Party candidate Edith Harxhi said that when she worked at the Ankara Embassy, ​​she was fired only because she was thought to be an MI6 intelligence agent.

According to Harxhi while she was a guest in the Free Zone, this attitude came after she had completed her studies in the UK and had a computer that was connected to the internet, something that was somewhat unusual in the '97.

Arian Çani: Do you meet Yuri Kim?

Edith Harxhi: Yes, I meet him very often.

Arian Çani: She had 3 meetings, she did with Agron, Bardhi and you. Did he do it with you?

Edith Harxhi: Has anything been made public?

Arian Çani: How is it possible that it was not done?

Edith Harxhi: Yes, because I do not make public meetings. I am a career diplomat, I know when meetings should be made public and when they should not. I meet with ambassadors every day, I receive messages from ambassadors every day, I meet with ambassadors every day, not only with Yuri Kim, but also with other very important people. I talk to foreign chancelleries every day.

Arian Çani: I asked Bardh Kadilli if he is a CIA agent, he worked with USAID, he told me and if I were I would not say it.

Edith Harxhi: I was called once in '97 when I was removed from the Albanian Embassy in Ankara without any justification, I was called an agent of the British Intelligence Service, MI6. Then I said to myself that oh how good it would be if I had been, but the only reason why they had given me this nickname, was because I had a computer in '97 and I had opened the internet for the first time and the internet looked weird.

I was in Ankara, but the reason I was linked to the Intelligence Service was because I had just returned from studying in the UK. 


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