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PD experts: The energy sector today, in the most serious crisis it has ever been

PD experts: The energy sector today, in the most serious crisis it has ever been

"The energy sector is today in the most serious crisis ever", declared today in the Department of Energy in the Democratic Party, which held a special conference with experts in the field, such as the head of the Department of Electricity, Mr. Arben Ibroja; the head of the Department of Natural Resources, Hyse Osmanajn, Doctor of Sciences Gezim Tola and Prof. Dr. Adil Neziraj from the field of geology. The meeting was opened by the member of the DP Presidency, Mr. Eno Bozdo.

In the conference, the fact that the government has no vision for the sector was emphasized: |No real reform has been fully implemented or with the appropriate and anticipated rates. Almost all policies are temporary and under emergency conditions, otherwise "government with patches". The government makes every effort to hide this situation. No governmental and state institution provides any real data on the situation in the sector."

Reformation or deformation?

The sector has existed for 10 years without any real reform and without any strategic direction. No real investment in the field of diversification of sources for the generation of electricity by means of natural gas; In the last 7 years, 40% to 50% of energy is produced by private HPP, all investments made possible by the Democratic Party government. The Vlora TPP is still not put into operation.

Party nominations

Partisan appointments and lack of expertise: The number of OSHEE employees in 2013 was about 4,800 employees. The number of employees today is about 7,200 employees.

The best experts have left the administration, institutions and public companies, and party activists/loyalists were appointed to head them.

Projects and investments for friends of Renaissance. All projects and investments in the sector go to Rilindjas companies, preferential companies for which terms of reference are prepared and then profit sharing is agreed upon.

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