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"Erion counted the hours"/ Berisha: Friday's protest will terrify Veliaj

"Erion counted the hours"/ Berisha: Friday's protest will terrify

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, has repeated the call to the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, to resign and go to his former director in prison, Taulasnt Tusha, in connection with the "5D" affair.

During the speech held near the window of his apartment, Berisha said that the municipality has never seen anything like today's protest, but according to him, the mayor Erion Veliaj will see horror in Friday's protest.

According to Berisha, Friday next week is the third and real protest, as he called on the citizens to participate en masse, while he called on Veliaj to count the hours at the head of the municipality.

Sali Berisha: Today I have a special greeting for all the protesters against the head thief of the Municipality of Tirana, who with their protest sent the message to the whole of Albania and the world that the first house of the citizens of Tirana is occupied by an ordinary thief .

That the first house of the citizens of Tirana is desecrated by a thief who steals 100 percent of public funds and transforms them into 5-star hotels.

 It transforms them into 10- and 12-story buildings. It turns them into bars and clubs. It turns them into trips and vacations around the world. It turns them into secret offshore accounts. Today's protest was a protest that the municipality has never seen. And I guarantee that next Friday will terrify Erion Veliaj. Friday, the third truth. Erion Veliaj resigns, do not enter the municipality again. You have no escape!

You have no escape anywhere because in every way that a person analyzes it, you are the most defamed person, you are the most despicable, the most greedy thief that the capital has ever had. Erion, you made a deal with the scapegoats. But I guarantee that with you, that agreement will also end.

Therefore, tell the citizens of Tirana how much you stole with the 1 million trees you say you planted, at a time when you actually uprooted tens and tens of thousands of trees in this city. How much did you steal, Erion, with the caravans you used to take to Selita and cut the water for the citizens and send the cans with your Tivar? How much did you steal with the schools that you built with 6 times, with 8 times the price of a school? How much have you stolen with the gardens that you tender three times and do not actually exist?

 How much have you stolen from the pockets of Albanians? Erion, here's what I'm saying: citizens take justice into their own hands! When justice becomes their enemy. When justice covers the ugly crimes of the rulers. When justice turns into a shield for the biggest thieves that Tirana and Albania have seen, honest citizens, brave citizens, patriotic citizens have no choice but to do justice.

My friends, today was a day when Erion Veliaj was terrified. Yes, Friday, woe to you, you better leave, resign! Resign and go to Tusha yourself. Go to Simixhiu yourself, that your wife forced him to sign by betraying her cousin for your mafia interests. Go to them because that's where you belong and worse.

Erion, you have become the shame of the city. In the abomination of the city. In every word, a lie. In every act, a theft. You can't take it anymore, Friday is far away. The anger of Tirana will overflow on the first house of the city.

The wrath of the stolen, humiliated citizens will give you what you have long deserved. Erion, it is a misfortune to have your human name. You destroyed the theater of the capital, the symbol, the monument of its culture. You ruined it because you got involved in drug money. Tens of millions more. Erion, at the new theater you will have a black pillar, the pillar of shame of Erion Veliaj.

 Those real artists will build the theater, but even there a black pillar nearby, so that generations will not forget you, perverted person. Bastard! I better not mess with you because it can't be stopped. You destroyed the city, you destroyed all cultural institutions together with Edi Rama. Tirana today is a city without a theater, without a library, without a gallery, without a children's theater. All, drugs, drugs and only drugs.

I call on you, during this week, to knock on every heart, on every door of Tirana, of this city which is the heart and brain of the nation. Let's turn Friday into the day of civic triumph. On the day of victory. On the day of the final expulsion of the disfigured thief from the first house of the capital, from the town hall. Erion, I count the hours, I count the days. Friday is coming. Friday is Tirana's day. It is the day of citizens, it is the day of victory.

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