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"Rama's family members win hundreds of tenders!", Berisha: If we don't vote for the change, we will deepen the drama

"Rama's family members win hundreds of tenders!", Berisha: If we

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha stopped today in Cërrik, where he presented the candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition, Servet Duzha.

During the presentation of the candidate, he again focused on the accusations against Prime Minister Edi Rama, that according to him, the Prime Minister's family members win the tenders, including his wife's daughter, Linda Rama.

He said that he does not want to mention the latter, adding that he calls on him not to participate in public tenders, as the law does not allow him to do so.

While saying that we are sinking more and more into poverty every day, Berisha has called on citizens to vote for mayor on May 14, those who gave elections and prioritized the people.  


" Family members of the prime minister cannot participate in public tenders. This does not happen in a democratic country, because it uses the influence of the prime minister to take unfair advantage. Therefore, the law excludes them. But Rama does not know this law. Its simple and I know that my mother revolts with me when I mention it to her, and I don't want to mention it to her, but I tell the lady not to participate in the tenders, because it is not up to her to win most of the tenders for the designs. These have no code, thus there is an unrestrained theft of public funds, hence this change on May 14.

We are getting more and more in poverty every day, I declare here every citizen of Cërrik not to vote for the change, for continuity, these 8 years the security and well-being of the citizens is not what it used to be. With their salaries, citizens buy much less than 8 years ago. Let's vote for the change, otherwise, next year we will go deeper and deeper into poverty. On May 14, we vote for mayor, these are the elections of our lives. The most important election since '92.

Then with our vote we parted with the monist system and started the new way, we who were one of the three poorest nations on the planet managed to line up in 2008 with the middle income nations. We managed to be the first in the region with average salaries. Rivers of your sweat were those, it was another stewardship of your money and an iron will for the government to do everything in its power to reduce poverty.

 In those years Albanians were moving, but from 2007 to 2014 the population increased, with poverty decreasing, there was hope. Everyone saw that the years were coming better as a whole, because your income was returned to you, in salaries, pensions, roads, schools, sewage, water supply. So there was hope, Albania has tremendous potential. Everywhere is a place of earthly paradise. What happened these years? Why did 937 thousand Albanians leave Albania only in Schengen, over 1 million in the whole world. 35% of the population left, the war that harmed Albanians the most was the world war and the Balkan wars, 10% of the population left. In these 8 years, 33% of the population left. ", said Berisha.

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