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"They win with 99.9% of the limit fund" Berisha speaks with names about the tender bargains: Salillari does not know where to take the money

"They win with 99.9% of the limit fund" Berisha speaks with names

DP leader Sali Berisha declared from the rostrum of the Assembly that the government is robbing citizens at a time when they are paying for every vital product more expensive than European countries.

The head of the blue headquarters stressed that tenders are awarded with 99.9 percent limit fund, and the winner of the tender pays 30 percent to the governors.

Berisha : How can you steal citizens today when they pay more for eggs, cheese, baby milk than the German, French, Italian because of your inhuman policies.

This is open theft. Tenders have long been won with 99.9% of the limit fund, which has never happened before. The winner of the tender must pay the governor. I will give the tender but you will give me 30% of this amount.

Recently there are 330 million tenders with 99.9%.

The builder of the villa in Paja, Edi Rama, won the tender of 13 million euros with 99.9%. Sako the brother of the guard commander for the maintenance of the Korca road. The building without any invoice, surpassed us in the square of the buildings and now the builder is rewarded with 99.9% tender.

Salillari, who does not know where to spend the money, also the maintenance of the southern roads, even though he demolished the Borsh road.

36 women to have thieves ministers remains, use your signatures. There is no decree for the pensioner, the farmer…

Gaddafi also placed 12 bodyguards but could not improve the image. Citizens all in protest to stop the revenge of the thefts of this group that steals night and day, does not stop. Why not bring a decree for those with financial aid.

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