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Gjata: Residents of Burrel without drinking water, 14 million euros for the water supply was turned into a fountain

Gjata: Residents of Burrel without drinking water, 14 million euros for the

The waters of corruption have exploded for the government of Edi Rama, super minister Balluku and their corrupt extensions in the local government.

These views are not a fun fountain but the drinking water of the city of Burrel that should be in the taps of the citizens, not the streets. 

This is the same Ujjesjellas, the opening of which was grandly inaugurated about two years ago by Edi Rama and Belinda Balluku. The same aqueduct that cost taxpayers 10 million euros plus a few million extra to cover 'mistakes', as happens with any public work that is trampled on, for publicity and to steal.

The tender was won by the company 'LA-OR' with 99.8% of the limit fund. The contract was signed in February 2021 with a 30-month completion date.

Which means the works should have been completed in August 2023, which means we are at the end of the contract term.

The Burrell water pipeline has problems in implementation, it does not even have the minimum safety and quality parameters. It is constructed with plastic pipes. 14 million euros spent but work.

Thousands of residents of Burrel and its surroundings are without drinking water, with 14 million euros spent on water supply and turned into a fountain.

We remember that when the Mat Municipality was run by the Democratic Party, in 2014 the local government requested an investment of 5 million euros for this Waterworks. 8 years later the investment went from 12 million to 14 million euros. Three times more and still no water supply.

These are the public works of Balluk, Rama and their guard in Burrel. There is no need for denunciations, only findings. The Armageddon of corruption has erupted from the incinerator of Tirana to the water supply of Burrel, from the extortion of Butrint to the collapse of the concessions in Shëndetesi.

The evidence is in the open, SPAK does not need investigative skills, only will.

But we already know SPAKU. It is an institution that deals with archaeology, not justice.

The Matjans have paid for water supply, but they are getting a fountain. It is the next spectacle of the government. The expenses are, as always, Albanians'.

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